Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tomato-Pesto Pasta

Okay I admit it; I absolutely love pasta- I don’t quite know what it is (that’s a lie Mags and I spent several months in Italy in the old days and love affair began there). I love that it is so easy and you can throw anything together with it and make it a meal. Part of my difficulty in this blog has not been writing 20 entries just about pasta with vegetables. But some are really better than others. When these winter months come around – I sometimes miss the taste of summer. My husband makes pesto in the summer when basil is all around – (see the lemon pesto chicken entry only I prefer it with heaps more garlic), and then we freeze it in ice cube trays and it lasts like that for months.

This week I spotted some beautiful heirloom cherry tomatoes at the market and couldn’t resist.

I rinsed and cut up the fresh tomatoes into quarters.

Boiled the pasta and mixed in the frozen pesto cubes while it was still warm, added the raw tomatoes and Voila! Taste of summer.

Super easy and quick and you really only have to dirty the pot you make the pasta in, which is the type of thing that really sweeps me off my feet.

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