Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meat Police

Sheesh doesn't have this problem because she's a veg.  But in my house, we eat meat -I'm a recovering vegetarian and my husband is a big, meat-loving man (I call him the meat police, because if I ever leave any morsels of meat on my plate, he leans over and grabs them off my plate and eats them.  And then  every time, without fail, he says, "You weren't going to eat that!?  That was good meat." Oh, and my daughter is often heard uttering the phrase "mo meat, mo meat" at dinner.

They don't sell meat at farmer's markets.  So...what to do?

Well, I have devised a plan that is not exactly simple, but it works for us.  I try to prepare, natural, organic, grass fed, wild, meat products as much as possible, and these types of meat products tend to be pricey.  So I make a monthly Costco run.  There, I pick up organic chicken, ground turkey, and wild salmon for great prices.  Then, for red meat, we go to the meat market, usually about once a month also.  Our favorite is Marconda's Meat Market at The Original Farmer's Market in LA.  They have great grass-fed beef and all natural pork (great bacon!) and they have good old-fashioned butchers (our favorite is Mike).  So we buy all this meat and poultry and stick it in the freezer and then we have it at our disposal.

Yum, meat.

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